We always strive to keep your personal details and information secure. Kindly go through the privacy policy to know about our privacy practices. When you visit our website, you automatically agree to the privacy policies mentioned here.

Personal Information collected by us:

  • We receive any information or data that you have entered on our website or the information you have provided us through some other medium. This includes all the information that helps us to recognize you such as your name and address, your contact number, billing information, billing address, and so on. We might request you to provide your airline preference, car, and hotel preference and you can choose not to enter these details. However, in certain circumstances, you will have to register as a member for booking your tickets, complete your traveler profile, or participate in any survey to initiate a transaction via our website.
  • When you are booking the ticket for someone else through your account, you should first take the person’s consent to provide his personal information on our website as you will have to provide us all the details about the person for whom the travel plan is being made. All the modifications for this travel plan will be done through your account only.
  • We shall also ask for your personal as well as professional information from our business partners, affiliates, or any other independent sources to gather as much information as we can about you. Some of the examples are the updated delivery address, demographic information, and so on. We will also get in touch with your friends and followers on the social media account and the access will depend upon the privacy settings of your account.
  • We shall collect some information about your system whenever you access our website from any location. For instance, the IP address of your system, the browser through which you are accessing our website, your online activity trends, and so on. The aim of collecting this information is to provide you with customized travel plans based on your preferences.

How do we use your personal information?

  • We will use your sensitive information like the cardholder’s name, CC number, and the expiration date of your card etc. to execute the travel booking you conducted through our website. We use your other details for the following purposes: to provide you with products and services you requested and provide you with the travel updates for your trip, to manage your account effectively and processing bills and providing notifications in order to keep you updated, to respond to your concerns, queries and comments, to improve our products to serve you better, to notify you about the latest services and offers, to provide you with customised services, to reward you with any program that you chose to join, collection of fees, troubleshooting any problems, preventing any prohibited or illegal activities, to enforce the terms & conditions set forth and or any other thing explained to you at the collection point.
  • We work hard to provide you with the finest experience in dealing with us. One way of doing this is, by sending emails based on your previous bookings and preferences. For instance, if you searched for a flight from Manhattan to New York, our website have saved the itinerary for you and then whenever any deal come in, we will notify it to you via email. It is up to you to accept these emails and you can opt not to receive these messages in future.

Sharing Your Details

  • All those who would fulfil your travel reservations such as the airlines, car rental providers, hotels and so on. When you make a reservation with us, you give us the right to share your personal information with all those suppliers who help us to complete your travel plan. Moreover, these suppliers do not come under our control and the information disclosed to them is subject to their own privacy policy. For your satisfaction, you can go through their privacy policy before you book their services through our website.
  • The independent vendors who provide the services on our behalf that include customer service, CC processing, survey distribution, marketing and business analytics. We will give permission to the independent vendors to access your information, as it is necessary to execute the website features or to feature the online advertising delivery accustomed as per your interests. These independent vendors are allowed to use and access your information only when they are performing such functions and they are not allowed to share this information with someone else. They need to adhere to the data security procedures that we abide by.
  • The business partners, who are associated with us and with whom we are offering products and services jointly or people whose products are being featured on our website. The services from the business partners are absolutely optional and you can choose to access this information. Kindly note that we do not control the privacy policy of our business partners.
  • If you were directed to our website from some other source, we will share your details with the routing website as well. Although we have formed up our rules and regulations to use your personal information with the routine website but we encourage you to go through their privacy policy as well.
  • We will share your personal details with our affiliate websites too. This sharing also facilitates us to provide you with the relevant information based on your choices and preferences. To this extent, our company and the affiliates have the right to access the information; they will restrain themselves from any illegal or prohibited activity as described in this document. They have to comply with the applicable laws governing the transmission of promotional activity and provide you with an option to opt out from these emails in future.

Your personal information is also share with

  • While responding upon summons from court orders or any other legal process to establish or exercise our legal right in order to defend against the legal claims. In these cases, we will reserve the right to raise or waive off the legal objection right available to us.
  • In connection with any business transaction like consolidation, merger, sale of an asset or in an unfortunate bankruptcy event.
  • If we are sharing your information with someone except for the ones stated above, we will inform you prior to sharing your information and you have the right to prohibit the sharing of information.
  • We have the right to share the anonymous and aggregate figures to our advertisers and investors. Like, we can tell our investors that so many numbers of people are booking their flights to New York from us every day. This kind of information is not personal and it is used only to develop further packages for your interest.

Some Other Details of the Privacy Policy

While you are accessing Book Air Travel, you will also see the third party website, services, and applications. Kindly note that if you click on those links, you will be directed to some other websites. We are not responsible for their privacy policies and if you are entering your personal information on those websites, we are not responsible if the information is misused. We encourage you to go through the privacy policy before you enter the details. We have the sole right to amend or modify this privacy policy from time to time whenever there are some amendments to it. If there are any changes pertaining to your personal information, we will inform you prior. If some changes are unacceptable on your part, you can request us to review our policy changes